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Today's urban demographic is attuned to international standards in service and compliance. They demand fresh, clean foods, prompt, attentive, service and uncompromised standards. They patronize food centres that are competent enough to cater to their need for clean, quick, fuss-free foods. Packaged foods meet the demand of today's busy professional, but only half-way. Packaging demands preservatives. Today's consumer is increasingly health conscious andkeenly aware that they need to observe a healthy diet to offset a largely sedentary lifestyle. Fresh, healthy foods offer maximum nutritive value. The establishment that can cater to this need earns critical interest and goodwill.


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  • Refuel has been conceived to serve the growing collective of health conscious, discerning customers who deserve the best. For this reason, Refuel has picked the smoothie – the world’s heath drink of choice today – as its flagship beverage. This 100% natural blend of whole vegetables, fruits and sometimes both, with nuts, herbs, and spices added to requirement, has captured the imagination and tastes of the health-aware worldwide ever since it rose to popularity in the 1970s.


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Refuel’s pioneering smoothies introduce the Indian consumer to the unbeatable taste and benefits of fresh fruit blends that can boast of being Au Natural, furthermore being prepared right before the customer. With smoothies as it’s leading attraction, Mr. Vikram Khosla with the team launches its first outlet in South Delhi! Refuel has undertaken a complete approach to preparing a comprehensive range of nutritious beverages (namely smoothies, shakes, juices and mocktails) and snacks (namely subs, sandwiches, salads and wraps) that will be served at the highest standards. The recipes for all beverages and snacks offered by Refuel have been formulated by experienced and qualified nutritionists, dieticians and culinary experts based in the United States. The beverages are all preservative-free, opting instead of purees, pulps or sorbets, for choice, quality produce. They comprise of whole fruit and vegetable ingredients, which are selected for their impeccable taste and are Individually Quick Freezed to ensure they keep as fresh as they were when sourced. Meaning you get all of the taste and none of the calories!